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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My 50th Birthday Surprise

This is the first blog that I have written on my own site. I turned 50 on Sunday the 14th. What a day! It started at 9:00 with my three grown daughters escorting me on a full day of adventures. They had me dressed and out the door with no knowledge of where we were going.
My adventure was revealed to me in three parts with a beautiful poem addressed as Part 1.
Part one consisted of an hour long massage, an hour long facial, then a wonderful champagne brunch and followed with a deluxe manicure and pedicure.
After this was over I was again whisked off to part 2.
Part two was also revealed in another poem. I was taken to a salon for a new haircut & color as well as a make-over (we will not go in to that at this time- suffice it to say my oldest daughter & I rushed out with wet paper towels and make-up remover!!!!) But my hair looked fabulous!!!!
Then on to part 3!!!
Part three again began with a poem stating that we had to return to the house to put on something new and that dinner was on the agenda. I was concerned because my daughter stated that I would see when we returned home "what" I was going to wear.
Well SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE. It was a great surprise indeed. All my closest friends, family and neighbors. I was really really shocked!!! We had such a wonderful time and my three daughters and husband did a really great job surprising me and keeping it hush, hush.
And what was the new item to wear??? A beautiful diamond necklace from my honey.
Ah, turning 50. I have embraced it whole heartedly and with my latest Dr.s check-up- my heart is great- here's to another 50 and to a wonderful family!