Friday, February 26, 2010


After hitting almost every magazine & website
for brides this year, I've drawn the conclusion that there
is really not color specific choices this year. Now, with that
being said, I did tend to see a lot of the following colors.
YELLOWYellow is a popular color this spring,
with more dresses showing up in it than ever before. There is of course the usual use of silver and black.
It seems to be a real trend in clothing this year as well.Lavender is on the rise, though not as much.Coral- the wonderful revival of coral!
Coral or light orange are both great color choices for
every skin type out there.
So brides, all of your wedding party will look great
in this color. It is also a pleasing
color to compliment foods.Then the all time favorite is on the rise this year.
Pure, simple & elegant.But, the biggest surprise in color this year is turquoise! Don't you just love this color?
You can go light or dark and even
lean a little toward aqua.
Either way I call it a hit this year. How about using
Turquoise and Coral-
HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Join BNOTP for tablescape Thursdays.
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This was a "Thank-You" event held for those helping with the Miss Teen Georgia Beauty Pagent held at a local high school here in our area. The drama teacher holds the pagent each year and then hosts a dinner at his home as a thanks to all who helped. In the silver bowl, marinated olives, feta & Pepperocini.
A platter of fresh fruit & cheese spread.

Tri- Colored Rotini Pasta Salad

Seafood dip with croistini (Crab, shrimp, scallops)

Petit fours & Lime Mousse filled Chocolate cupsOrange Mousse Filled Chocolate Cups

Lemon Mousse with Raspberry & Kiwi

Are you hungry now?

Hope you enjoyed this tablescape, too.

Monday, February 22, 2010

CULINARY MONDAY- Haricort Verts & Paillards

Today's words: Haricot Verts & Paillards.
I know that anyone who uses Martha Stewart recipes has come across both of these words. For the longest time I would get frustrated trying to figure out what the heck she was talking about. It wasn't until after I started catering that I was most curious about these (as well as many other) unknown cooking terms, so I set out on a mission to look up as many "unknown" words as I could. I mean how many of us Southern Ladies use the term Haricot Verts or Paillards when we cook? Well I didn't and frankly still do not. I use the Southern (as well as American) names for these two French terms. String Beans & Cutlets! Yep, that's what they mean.
Haricot Vert (ah-ree-koh VERH) Green String Beans.
Haricot= bean & Vert= Green.
Paillard (PI yahrd) A veal, beef or chicken cutlet. A thin, tender slice of meat generally taken from the leg or rib section. I have noticed, the term more often used with a chicken breast. A chicken cutlet is generally from the breast, but could be any cut that is flattened out to cook quickly as in pan fried, grilled or sauteed. Occasionally the cutlet is battered before frying.
So there you are. I hope I helped you some this week. See you next time- remember send in those words!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


To reflect who I am & the business I do actually run, I've decided to devote my blog strictly to food & catering information as well as tablescapes & recipes from here on out.
Thanks & I hope you continue your visits.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Samantha, Nana & Mickey

Well, I couldn't wait for Samantha to come
for tea with Nana and Mickey. So Monday, I made scones of Mickey. And Samantha,
her mommy & I had ourselves a tea party.
Samantha couldn't wait, she had to have a sip right away.
We had ham sandwiches, dilled egg salad crackers, Mickey scones & Minnies cookies and fresh fruit with whipped cream for dessert. She was saying, "Come on Nana, I want to eat Mickey's head!"
Here she is trying to get the Devonshire cream off her spoon.

She loves her new Mickey bracelet. Thank you to Katherine at
Yellow Rose Arbor for her wonderful gifts. We all had a great time.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Go here to other wonderful tablescape blogs#1 Pink Tea Table
My Cherub. I use him in my catering for fruit & plants.This is my favorite shot. Aren't those dimples adorable.
White plate from Old Time Pottery (1.29 each)
Pink plate from Michael's (cheap too about 1.00 each)
This silver-plate condiments server was a "give" from a neighbor who owns a little shop in town call "The Vintage Flea" (You should really check it out)
This view is shown with a different dinner plate. Found at a flea market.
Tea pot found at the same flea market.
One of my many rabbits- I just love rabbits & birds.

This setting is shown with glassware that I found this week at a local shop that my friend Angela has been talking up lately. It's called "What's In Store". Isn't that a great name. The glasses were 14.00 for 6. It was more than I would usually spend, but I love them.
Now would you like to have a Valentine Tea with me?
#2 A Valentine Table for Two.
I'll be serving a sauteed Radicchio salad with toasted pecans, fresh peaches a homemade balsamic and herb vinegar dressing.
We'll have our drinks in this beautiful antique Talisman Crystal stemware by Hawkes.
Our main course of Fettuccine pasta with a creamy sauce of herb-boursin, marinated artichokes and sauteed shrimp will be served here on my Spring looking china (Taihei Fine China). I bought a ten piece place-setting week after week at Kroger about 25 years ago. I still have enough, remaining unbroken, to seat only 7. I lost some in a move- ouch!
This is an up close look at my lovely new table cloth also found at "What's in Store" . I can't believe Angela missed this one. It's all cotton, in mint condition and was only $18.99! I don't know if it's old, but it certainly has the appeal of an old piece.
My love birds
Soft and Romantic
I chose Tulips for this table instead of Roses, it just seemed more like a Tulip kind of table.
The famous Target S&P shakers.
Who knew so many people would love them?
And lastly, I'll serve my Love a Vanilla Custard with Strawberry-Amaretto whipped cream topping and Fresh Strawberries in this new find. Found also at "What's in Store" Cheap- 6 for $8.99.
I Love, love, love these.
Well, there we have it. I hope my Love finds this pleasing to his pallet. Happy Valentine's Day to you and the one of your dreams!