Friday, February 5, 2010


Once when life was sad and low,
I looked for love both to and fro.
For yonder in my heart's deep den,
An empty space grew cold within.
I knew if I were to survive,
I'd need warmth of heart to abide.
Lest, I should wither up and die,
Lest, I should wither up and die.

This heart it cries both day and night,
To find a Love both fair and bright.
The ache I have it quenches not,
Without true love, is that my Lot?
My Love, my Love, please findeth me,
I pray of Thee on bended knee.
Lest, I should drown in lovesick sea,
Lest, I should drown in lovesick sea.
From whence You came
I do not know!
But here You are,
Please never go!
For now my heart it leaps with love,
For You my Dear, sent from above.
The Lord has worked His loving art,
And sent me You, my Dear Sweetheart.
And in my heart love shall 'er abide,
For only You, my Love, my Pride.
Never more my heart to moan,
For Love, true Love has found it's home.
For Love, true Love has found it's home.
Poem by me: Teresa L. Carter

Happy Valentine's Day!


parTea lady said...

Your poem is beautiful, Teresa. Have you written others, or been published? What a lovely Valentine's Day post. I know you will prepare a special romantic meal for your sweetie and I hope you'll share with your blog friends.

parTea lady said...

BTW, I forgot to answer your question about my Wedgwood. Yes, I have a service for eight, plus a teapot, but I would like to find four more place settings - preferably at a bargain price.

Have a great day.

Donatella said...

Teresa Carter's work is splendid, thanks for sharing it (do you have a compilation of hers?)~

Donatella said...

Teresa, forgive me... I'm so sorry I sort of misunderstood, or didn't recognize that differently! Your work is professional grade ; )

Southern Touch Catering said...

Thank you ladies!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

What a lovely poem -- you are a lady of many talents!

Joyce said...

WOW Teresa,
Great poem. You need to submit it somewhere!
I mean really....very touching.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Very nice poem! You are talented in so many ways! What other surprises do you have for us?!