Wednesday, February 10, 2010


"The Dream of Love" O, My soul longs for the day,
That love of heart doth find its way,
And reach right in and give to me,
A Love so grand, so grand as Thee.
But, alas, I'm old and gray,
And love hath never found it's way.
It is forever passed I fear,
For you have never drawn me near.
You've yet to feel my heart or see,
This love I've held so long for Thee.
Tho, as I lay to sleep tonight,
In my dreams You will delight.
But wake I must with morning light,
To dream again come dark of night.
Poem by me: Teresa L. Carter

May love find it's way to you this wonderful Valentine season!


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I love that you share your poetry with us. Your blog header is so pretty. I love that little teapot -- I think it matches or blends with some crooksville platters and covered veg. bowl I purchased a few years ago. Thanks for your sweet visit.

Donatella said...

wow what a touching poem!!your writting is so deep

Angela McRae said...

Wow, I didn't know that poetry was among your many creative endeavors! Good for you, Teresa!

Southern Touch Catering said...

Gosh, girls, I think I am blushing. Thank you so much. I've never thought of myself as being any good, so it really means a lot.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Another beautiful poem! Girl, you are good!

Pretty new blog banner!


susan said...


Martha said...

A great poem. Thank you for sharing!

parTea lady said...

This is another great poem - you are very talented!

Patriotic Mom said...

And your a poet too! This poem was lovely. Thank you for sharing something so intimate. Joan