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Monday, December 29, 2008

"There Really Is a Santa Claus!!!"

A few blogs back I told you I would share a special family story about Christmas. It's a bit long but worth it. For many years my husband & I have hosted Christmas at our home for my entire family (5 siblings, our spouses, parents and grandchildren & now great grandchildren). When our children were all small we use to buy gifts for each of them, usually something small, but always something. One year my husband & I decided we would really surprise the kids & adults alike. So during the Christmas party my husband Ken snuck outside to the back yard and I snuck into our bedroom where we had all of the presents hidden in a LARGE red table cloth tied like Santa's bag. I opened our bedroom window and stuffed the "bag" through the window to Ken waiting down below. He then very quietly snuck up the steps on the outside deck and placed the bag there and quickly raced back inside. NO ONE missed us!!! Ken then went into the kitchen and when no one was around jumped up and slammed down hard on the floor. The entire house went quiet! Everyone started asking "What in the world was THAT?!!!" Ken then came out of the kitchen and said the same thing. I said It sounded like something on the deck. So Ken slid open the curtains and looked out. All the kids came running to see what it was. Ken slid open the sliding doors and looked up in the sky and started yelling and waving saying "Thank you Santa". By this time the parents had gotten up to see as well. The kids were all screaming and yelling look look!! So we brought in the package and everyone was in shock- "Where did that come from?" was all the adults could say. But the best part of the night was not the package at all. It was what my 4 year old nephew Klay said. He had just been told by his mom & my brother, a Baptist Minister, that Santa wasn't really real and that Jesus was the meaning of Christmas. Well after this, Klay ran right up to his mother, he put his hands on her knees and got right in her face and yelled "See Mom there really IS a Santa Claus!"
Klay is now about 6ft 220Lb. & a S.W.A.T Police officer. But we still love to tell the story about that special Christmas- he thinks it's great too.


Steph said...

What a fun family! :-) Happy New Year!

Angela McRae said...

I LOVE that story! How very clever of y'all!

Steph said...

Hi, there! Yep - teapot PJs...more here:

You have a good eye!

Marilyn Miller said...

What a great story! I loved it.

LISA said...

This story makes me think of Mom Teresa. I cannot wait to see her again.