Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WEEDS who knew?

A few weeks back I bought a new hanger for my garden. I wanted to have a hummingbird feeder outside my breakfast room. I poked it in the ground right next to this cute little heart shaped leaf and left it there. In a few days I noticed this vine growing from the little leaf. After a few weeks it was growing wild all over the hanger and this morning it was in bloom! Beautiful morning Glories. Who knew? Lucky me and the hummers have been drawn to it as well! So next time you find a sweet little leaf growing in your garden, give it a chance and maybe you'll be nicely surprised like me. (After all if it turns out to be a real weed you can always pluck it)


parTea lady said...

I love to watch hummingbirds and I have a feeder that I need to find a place for. Your morning glory vine looks so pretty climbing up your feeder with the bright spot of red.

Joyce said...

I usually grow Morning Glory's all along my fence in the blue and the purple and love them...this year they didn't come up and I didn't mess with putting in new seeds...too much going on.

Anyhow......in regards to "Mildred" ..yes it is the name of the China Pattern. Crazy. I am going to write more on the company and such when I get 5 minutes to think. HA!!

Talk to you soon.
Be blessed,