Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This was such a sweet, Christian filled wedding. And the third wedding I have catered for this extended family. I was blessed to cater two of Laura's cousins weddings in the past. Now I know there are three more girls in the family and I hope to be privilaged enough to get their weddings as well. I can hope anyway. Please enjoy the affair. Fruit & Chocolate Fondue
Couldn't get to the cheese or fruit stations before the guest dug in!
Tablescapes & food for 300+

Italian Pasta Salad
Spicy Meatballs & Chicken Salad Croissants

Franks in a Blanket & Hotwings
Adam & Laura Ivey


Anita said...

These are all my favorite foods, so it's making me really hungry!! Beautiful job! Everything looks great!

Angela McRae said...

What a fabulous looking spread! Cute couple too!

parTea lady said...

Wow, the food looks wonderful - all my favorites. Your tablescapes were lovely too. I can't imagine preparing that much food - you do a great job.

Joyce said...

This is just lovely!
Cute couple too!!
And that is a ton of boiled shrimp..I am sure everyone loved this set up. It's a great show.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh goodness -- does this look wonderful!~