Thursday, June 23, 2011


Do you like making cupcakes? I use to hate it. I could never get the batter in the papers without getting it all over the place. But recently I've discovered easy ways to do it (using an ice cream scoop or using a piping bag). I also had only one way to frost which was using the spatula or knife. But now I use the piping bag with different tips and LOVE making them. I also use the piping bag to pipe yummy fillings into them before I frost.
Aren't they cute? And so easy!
Getting ready to be delivered to Charter Bank. (I love my bank!!!)
These yellow daisies & pink swirls were for the Newnan- Coweta Chamber Golf Event.
The daisies were filled with chocolate and the pink swirl with strawberry jam.
These green cupcakes are lime- with a lime curd filling. YUM!
I like doing pretty packaging as well- I think it makes it even more special!
Well, hope you enjoyed- now go bake some delicious cupcakes for yourself!


Velva said...

I have yet to take the leap to baking cupcakes. I am so envious that you have taken the leap, these are adorable. Cheers to you.


SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

I hate making cupcakes for the very reasons you mentioned. I'm going to have to try the ice cream scoop and piping bag!

What beautiful cupcakes!

parTea lady said...

All the cupcakes looked very pretty and the fillings sound delicious. Thanks for the tips.

Angela McRae said...

The cupcakes sound yummy and your packaging is great as well! By the way, I learned about the ice cream scoop for filling cupcakes from our friend Susan. Works beautifully, doesn't it!