Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Catering Shop- Sandwich Shop- Tea Room

Well, I've finally done it. Not a tea room (yet), but a new catering shop with a front area perfect for a nice upscale sandwich shop as well as eventual tea room. My husband & I decided that we are in fact going to open it for sandwiches and eventually for ladies tea parties and then full on tea room, should business grow. I've posted "before" pictures- the "after's" are coming soon. Keep us in your prayers as we venture on.
We covered the awful red in a bright green. The accent colors are pale tangerine and white.

We have a great prep area here that's perfect for sandwich making.

You can see the front area is perfect for a small eating area. I have three tables set up at this time. They're just temporary tables, but it looks very sweet. Can't wait to get the real ones in!

This area is already packed with catering supplies! But there is still a lot of room for tables.
I'll post more later as we finish.


Velva said...

Its going to be awesome! Very exciting too.


Angela McRae said...

I cannot wait to be a customer at your shop! And I am BEYOND excited for you guys!