Monday, January 26, 2009

Free Vacation!

Out our window in the early morning with mist on the mountains
The Beach
Well, mostly free anyway.... my wonderful Honey did have to work his bottom off to get it for us, but he did it!!! And it was great. We spent the last week in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. It was gorgeous! The weather could not have been more perfect, warm sunny days with cool breezy nights.He was fortunate enough to win the trip through work. We stayed not only at a beautiful place but all inclusive! (Preparing for a Mexican Fiesta)

Other than souvenirs EVERYTHING was paid for. Now THAT is a vacation! The people of Mexico were so friendly everywhere we went. Although they are trained to be that way at the hotel we spoke to a few on the side and they explained that they have to prove themselves to be able to stay there as workers. They have 1 month. They attend schools on site to learn English, have their uniforms all supplied, have transportation supplied and their meals. If they produce, they stay. BUT what I appreciated was that most of them really loved their jobs, had such wonderful dispositions and were truly pleasant all the time. I guess that's why some had been there for several years. Any way, if you get a chance to visit Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful city with beautiful people. We had a great time. After this year's events it's a vacation we both needed and one I will never forget. Thank you so much Honey!

The view from our room at sunset

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