Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Grand" Ideas For The New Year

(Samantha helping Nana with dishes- having a "Grand -Ma" Time)
Each year I have "grand" ideas for how my new year will be. You know the old standards, lose weight, pray more, get organized, exercise......blah, blah, blah. This year my thoughts are different though. I have experienced an awaking this past year of the things that really matter most. My family. This past year was a trying one and is still lingering on into this one as well. My father in law passed away after moving in with us. He had a much happier & healthier life his last 6 months and we were grateful for that. I had a daughter who married this year and is now in the process of divorce. Another daughter who moved 8 hours away and is living with her boyfriend :( , and my eldest daughter moved out this year taking my grand daughter with her (well that was sort of a blessing- you know getting my house back to myself and all), but I do miss them. And now my mother is very ill and as I type this we are waiting daily to know if she makes it through to the next morning. She is ready to go, but we are selfish and still clinging to hope. So my idea for this year is to spend as much GRAND-time with my family as possible. EVERYTHING else can wait, time does not. So get together with your family as often as possible this year and let them know how much they are loved. Here's to new beginnings and much more family time.


Steph said...

You're a role model for all of us. I'm sending good thoughts to you for a new year that is peaceful and fulfilling.

And I would LOVE to include a recipe in my book! Yeah - how generous of you! Think of what you'd like to share (no hurry) and email me at stephw3@yahoo.com. (I'll also follow up.)

Happy new year!

Southern Touch Catering said...

Thank you Steph.

D said...

Sweetheart, we are right there with you and most of us have lost our Mammas to. God bless you as you enter into more adult hood and think about the footprint you leave behind, like she did!!!