Wednesday, April 15, 2009


After going to pay your unbelievably high tax bill today, please join those non partisan groups around our states today protesting the ever increasing, out of control -raising- of our taxes as well as the unbelievable amounts of money being spent on the so called "stimulus" packages. Of which, our taxes will be raised again to pay for- (yes it will be paid for by us- in taxes and increases in the cost of goods- don't be fooled).
Afterwards, lift up a cup of tea to our country for the way it use to be and was originally intended a nation for the people, by the people raised upon the great Constitution of the "United States"- NOT Congress! A capitalist nation where every one is afforded the opportunity to produce and provide and make a living from the sweat of their brow and be rewarded for it and reap the benefit of it and not have to give it back to government!!! Then lift a prayer for the direction in which it is headed a spiralling downhill direction. People wake up! Really, take a moment to look at ALL aspects of what is going on- study yourselves, don't just listen to the media- research, seek knowledge, seek information. Then stand up for America!
May GOD & CHRIST bless this nation again.


Angela McRae said...

I'm glad the tea lovers I know are discussing this today! I'm still pondering what my own "action" should be. Have you ever read Boortz' "Fair Tax" book? I'm very interested in that from what I've heard about it.

parTea lady said...

Well said and thanks for speaking out.

Southern Touch Catering said...

No I haven't read it yet, but he dedicated most of his show to it today and I've heard his views on it. I really like the idea- it would make things much more even and it makes sense as well as keeping government out of control.

Joyce said...

I was out of town when our city had ours but I saw the one happening in the city I was in back home in Iowa!!!
I will be going to the next one here in Baton Rouge at the State Capital though.
I just love me some "tea parties"....tea parties of all types. HA!