Monday, April 6, 2009

Springtime In The Country

I chased this male peacock all over the farm trying to get him to spread his feathers but the female was nowhere to be found so the feathers stayed put!This is Mandy. She is mom & dad's "baby" She is a chow- duh!Can you believe this dog is actually picking fleas off the cat in the picture above and below the cat is giving him a kiss thank-you for doing it...... this went on all afternoon!!!
This is my 75 year old father repairing leaks in the tin roof of his shed!! Anybody want to buy a '65 T-Bird- it really is for sale (alll original)
Dad feeding the chickens right out of his hands.

The King of the Roost! (Or at least he thinks so!)

Beautiful 2 year old wisteria vine!

Part of the day's harvest. Nothing like farm fresh eggs!

Hope you enjoyed your visit! I'm going to prepare some omlets!


Patty Gironda said...

great shot!! The shot of Mandy is wonderful. Farm fresh eggs! Yummy!

I scored a meat and fruit mill at an estate sale, this weekend!

Southern Touch Catering said...

Nothing like the thick creamy yolk of a fresh egg. Wonderful news on the mill! Let me know how it works.

Angela McRae said...

That's funny -- my mom and dad just got 7 chickens (all named Gladys), and she sent me home with a dozen lovely brown eggs on Saturday! I really enjoyed seeing all these photos!