Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Post # 2 for today- I Spy Something YELLOW

Pale Yellow candlesYellow Orchid My mother's day gift from oldest daughterCutie Pie & Farm Fresh Eggs from momma & daddy's house
(and the yellow tea pot on the table in back- just noticed) Chamomile Daisies in a spring bouquet from the yard.
Hand Painted Italian Plates and my striped Kitchen walls
My FAVORITE Dessert Cookbook!
At lastly My Home. Visit Steph @ stephcupoftea.blogspot.com to play along!


Hootie said...

You do have a ton of yellow around! Yellow is such a happy color...I noticed that is seems to be in your personality too!

Lots of smiles to you!


Steph said...

Oh, FUN! and I love the eggs. Fresh eggs are just so colorful!

Angela McRae said...

Fun tour -- and so many beautiful things at your house (not least of which is your sweet granddaughter)! Don't they say people who like yellow are more cheerful? I think it must represent a "sunny" disposition.

Angela McRae said...

P.S. Would like to hear more about that favorite dessert cookbook some time!

parTea lady said...

Your home is lovely both inside and out. Your Mother's Day orchid is lovely, as is your spring garden bouquet. Also, that's a cute picture of your granddaughter.

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