Friday, May 15, 2009

Post -2 Spring Flowers

I just wanted to show how beautiful my flower garden turned out this year. It's only a year old, and now that it's blooming I can tell I'll be rearranging some things that are not working well together, but overall I'm very happy. Hope you enjoy.

The Wisteria was spectacular this year. It's three years old.

The Roses have finally started to bloom. This is "New Dawn"

My very first Clematis (The President)Samantha's own little garden that she planted (almost all by herself)When the Azaleas were in bloom
These are both Spiderwort. Can you see the bumble bee leaving with pollen on his back legs? A Garden Bouquet

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parTea lady said...

Your garden is beautiful indeed. I love the roses and clematis and the way you have set out the beds.