Thursday, March 12, 2009

Childhood Treasures

There are many things in our childhood that we have fond memories of. And there are things that you just see day after day as a child and never think twice about them. But, then much later in life they become more valuable than money. This is one of those things. This embroidered piece was always in our home growing up. I can't ever remember it not being somewhere in our house. But I never really paid attention to it until we sold mom's house about three years ago. When I saw it, I grabbed it to take home with me. I stored it away for proper cleaning and repairs and forgot about it. And just last week I rediscovered it and was thrilled. So, I have lovingly repaired and cleaned it. I must tell you, I absolutely LOVE it. My mom told me once that she made it when she and daddy were first married. It didn't mean much then, but I will cherish it now forever!


Angela McRae said...

That is a VERY lovely piece, Teresa! I've seen pieces like this with embroidery, but never with embroidery AND applique like that. Terrific! (And it looks mint condition, so you must have done a great job of any repairs!)

Southern Touch Catering said...

Thanks Angela, I just did a good job hiding the rust stains. I tried lemon juice and salt to remove them, but was afraid of leaving it on too long because the fabric is so delicate due to age.
But I just noticed in the first photo that the flowers on the cloth match the flowers on the picture frame on the left.

parTea lady said...

That is a lovely piece and something to be treasured. I have one of my grandmothers cutwork embroidery cloths that I love.