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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


On the advice of my daughters, I thought I would reopen my face book account. Why!? It is the most aggravating site I have ever been on! Do any of you have problems???? Every time I try to download pictures, update my profile, read a message......I get "Server is not responding!" If I get an opening and start downloading it crashes. So to any of my family and friends that did get my message to visit me here, I have downloaded pictures of my sweet granddaughter Samantha.
Helping her Nana with the dishes- which she loves! Using her yogurt as "lotion Nana!"
Just being an Angel
Helping her mom (just recently engaged) find just the right wedding veil & gown
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Angela McRae said...

Oh my goodness, these photos are TOO adorable! What a precious little girl y'all have got there!

And by the way, I am a real Facebook dunce. I opened an account but that's it. I keep getting invites to "befriend" people, and I don't even know what that means! And now I'm worried I should maybe close it so people won't think I'm being snooty when I don't reply ... I just don't know how it works, and I have all my e-mail and blog friends already ... sheesh! Maybe give me a tutorial once you have it figured out!

Southern Touch Catering said...

I feel like a dunce when I'm on it Angela, but seriously it's just aggravating!

Steph said...

She is sweet! I have a facebook account, but I get overwhelmed. Should I send an email, post on my blog, use Facebook, etc. Whew!

parTea lady said...

She is a little cutie. Love the yogurt as lotion picture. I also have a Facebook account, but I don't do much with it. Mainly I just check out the pictures my daughter and friends put in their Facebook albums.

Marilyn Miller said...

What a cutie!

Joyce said...

I have a Facebook ...let me know when you get it set up and I will go and ask you to be my "friend."
It really is an AMAZING way to find friends that have moved away and such I have found and reconnected with so many church people and others we have known through the years.
I am loving it really.

I love the little "Brides" photos...cute!