Sunday, March 1, 2009

IT'S SNOWING! ! ! ! ! !

I know all you Northerner's and Midwesterner's are laughing at me right now, but for those of us who live down south snow is a BIG deal! We occasionally get a blanket of snow but the key word is OCCASIONALLY. So, yes this is great & fun & treacherous for us down here. We love it but do not know how to drive in it and we get all excited about snow and rush to the stores the day before like we're going to be snowed in FOREVER and might need milk or bread or tea! Yes, we are funny, but hey you know you love laughing at us and here's just one more thing to laugh about!!! PS it's also thundering and lighting while it's snowing- wierd!!!


parTea lady said...

Having lived in the "Great White North" (Toronto, ON), I know exactly what you mean. When we experienced our first snow here in GA, it was on a Sunday. We got up, got ready and went to church. We couldn't figure out why the parking lot was empty and the doors were locked.

Honestly, I don't miss the snow and occasional snow is fine with me. Your photos are great. What a beautiful home.

Angela McRae said...

Wasn't it pretty! Your photos belong on a Christmas card. And I'm like you, Teresa, in that I just know our friends outside the South think we're nuts, but hey, snow is such a rarity around here! I also learned a new word yesterday: Thundersnow. Cool!

Southern Touch Catering said...

ParTea Lady,
Thanks for the nice comments. Next time you're in town I love to meet you.

The pictures were beautiful ...what a great gift from God it was & the thundersnow-that WAS so cool.