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Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm Getting Spring Fever!!!!

My home in the Spring & Summer

Ah, Spring is in the air. And I am itching to get my fingers DIRTY. Yes, I get them really dirty when I work in the yard. And yes, I work in the yard, not my Honey. I am the gardener aroundhere. I mow, haul dirt, plant and anything else that needs to be done in the yard. And with Spring around the corner and the beautiful day today I HAD to get out and piddle. I cut back roses a few weeks ago and did some weeding as well. But today was more maintenance. Raking all the fallen leaves and pine needles making nice beds for my azalea garden that I planted only a few years back. (I want more this year.) I tried just to mow and mulch the fallen leaves into my grass, but I have got to remember that oak leaves do not mulch well at all!!! They do however provide good nutrients for my azaleas. So I spent a great deal of time blowing the leaves. AND IT FELT GOOD!! I love working in my yard! Here's to a great Spring! How many of you are gardeners, too?


Marilyn Miller said...

What a beautiful home and garden. My husband is the gardener, but I love giving him "suggestions" on what I want and where.

Southern Touch Catering said...

Yeah Marilyn, my husband likes to throw his two cents worth in too. LOL!!!

parTea lady said...

What a gorgeous home and gardens. Sadly, neither I, nor my hubby are gardeners (he does just the necessities like mowing). I bet your azaleas are beautiful.

kimberlyshaw said...

This is YOUR gorgeous home and garden? Beautiful!
Amazingly Beautiful!!!