Saturday, February 14, 2009

Table Scapes

Before & After
I found some new dishes this week and HAD to have them even though it is only a partial set. They are pink, so of course the price being right they were coming home with me! (When I say right I mean it- $2.00 for the cup & saucer sets & 1.99 per dessert plate!)
I always keep my dining room table set throughout the year with the different seasons & holidays and these pink dishes were just perfect for a Valentine's Day table. I already knew what I was going to use for my centerpiece but after I finished assembling it, it looked more like Easter. So I remembered my Easter/Spring plates and decided to keep the centerpiece, add part of the Easter set and voila I have a totally different setting but keep my same centerpiece.

What'da ya think? Valentine's Day & Easter all rolled into one! And what do you think about my candlestick holders? We'll talk about those later.
Isn't my centerpiece cute. I love that old rabbit. I have had him so many years. Can you see the cut work in the candlestick?
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!


Marilyn Miller said...

I love your centerpiece. When I saw it I thought "smart lady, she's got it covered for a couple months". Very pretty. The pink dishes are great too. Don't we just love a bargain and especially when it is as special as that.

Teresa @ Southern Touch Catering said...

Thanks Marilyn. Yes bargains are the best especially when you add to the fact that they are perfect for TEA!!!

Angela McRae said...

OK, somehow I missed seeing this post when it first appeared, so when I read today's post and it mentioned "the pink dishes I wrote about the other day," I KNEW I had to go back and see. I LOVE these! And I'll be on the lookout for a pink teapot for you!