Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Valentine's Day Surprise

I have been truly blessed with a wonderful new friend thanks to blogging. Imagine the delight I had when opening the mail on Valentine's day and finding an envelope from Angela of Tea With Friends. There was a beautiful handmade card and samples of Bigalow's Valentines Teas. I was thrilled! So, thank you Angela. (I think we should drop the last "A" in her name and call her Angel instead) By the way the teas were really good. I think the White Chocolate Kisses with a little added sugar & milk was my favorite. The beautiful tea cup was also a gift from Angela a few weeks ago!
I am truly blessed!


Angela McRae said...

How very sweet, Teresa! (But can I confess I nearly choked on my Pai Mu Tan when I read the part about dropping the "A" off the end of my name! You are toooo funny!)

Teresa @ Southern Touch Catering said...

That's it! Angel that's what I think your name will be for me from now on!!!!!
(I'm heading out to TJMAXX in Fayetteville to see if I can find more of the pink plates today)

Joyce said...

Well that was VERY sweet of her...I want to find some of that tea she sent to you. I haven't come across it yet but I guess I need to check Whole Foods yet. And IF I can't find it there I will go online. Blah.
I loved your tulips too....very pretty.
I am very happy for you!
Be blessed,
(P.S. I love that TJ MAXX's so addictive though isn't it? HA! I bought some GREAT Spode "Winter's Eve" dishes there before if I needed them. HA!)