Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I told you all about my great find at TJ MAXX this past week, well the findings got even better yesterday. I traveled to another store to see if I could find anymore of the cute, pink cups, saucers & dessert plates that I found late last week. I was tinkled 'pink' to find an even better deal yesterday at $1.00 EACH!! That's $1.00 per cup & saucer set & $1.00 per dessert plate. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? I got enough for 12. I never have much time to entertain at home, but a tea party is in the works in my head right now! I have to use these cute little sets!
OH I do love TJ MAXX! Now if I can only find a really nice pink tea pot at such a great deal!
(Yes, My Table is already set for Easter)


Marilyn Miller said...

Maybe you could have an Easter tea. That is what I do for my family every year. They love it.

Angela McRae said...

I think you got the bargain of the week (month? season?) for sure! These are lovely!

Teresa @ Southern Touch Catering said...

I think you might be right. Or maybe a "Here Comes Spring Tea." There is something coming though. And I'll be sure to post. I wish all my blogger friends could come. Maybe we can all set a date to each have our own tea parties at the same time and share with each other. How's that sound??

Teresa @ Southern Touch Catering said...

Angela, I agree! They are not the fanciest but I LOVE them!