Thursday, February 19, 2009


Yesterday was a scary day in our little part of the world. Tornado's ripped through our area and around the state late yesterday and did a lot of damage. The news report said our county was hit the hardest and from what I saw in the areas around us we are so bless that not one tree limb is down at our home. My husband & I did witness a tornado passing over the lake in our neighborhood and the ominous roar of the storm as it passed over was intense and thrilling and scary all rolled into one. I was so mesmerized and could not leave the front porch from watching it. I did not feel in danger for some reason and so I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. Then the MOST incredible sight I have EVER, EVER seen was a full, bright, huge, incredible rainbow right in the middle of this storm. It was to say the least PERFECT and so awe inspiring! I took picture after picture then ran to my computer to down load them and almost cried when I realized that I did not have the chip in my camera. But the sight of both the tornado & the rainbow will stay with me forever and not having been hit by the storm will be a blessing all on it's own.
Thanks be to GOD.


Angela McRae said...

Teresa, I actually replied on my blog to your question this morning, but we saw this same rainbow, and like you our place wasn't hurt a bit! PTL!

Marilyn Miller said...

I am so happy you are OK after the storm. What an awesome sight that must have been.