Friday, September 11, 2009


It's been a very busy and tiring week. But the day is finally here. Tomorrow my oldest daughter will give us a son, a new granddaughter and a new grandson all in one day! We are so excited for Kristen & Eric and couldn't be happier to welcome them all into our family.
Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we travel to "Crimson" country (That'd be Tuscaloosa, AL to those not in the know) it is the University of Alabama's first home game of the season and the wedding will be taking place about 10 miles from the campus! Oh, the thought of all that traffic.......but hey, I've got a daughter getting married to a really great guy- so it's well worth it all!


Duchess of Tea said...

Best wishes to your lovely family. Darling, have a lovely weekend.

Love, Hugs & Tea
Duchess ♥♥♥

Angela McRae said...

Looking forward to seeing photos! (I hope!)

Steph said...