Friday, March 11, 2011


Now I know what you are all thinking. Strawberry frosted cupcakes,
what's so great about that? Well let me just tell you!!!!. This is by far the best frosted cupcake I've ever eaten!
I found this recipe in the latest ((March/April) Southern Lady magazine
under the food section titled Neopolitan Dream.
And let me tell you, it is, oh it is!
It is suppose to be made using a half chocolate and
half vanilla cupcake, hence the name Neopolitan, I just used chocolate. I digress! Back to the frosting! This stuff tastes like you're eating a
strawberry milkshake. It is so darn good! You have got to try it! Along with an amazing magazine from cover to cover,
there are also so many other fabulous Neopolitan recipes
included- just go buy the magazine- you'll be so happy you did! There are two things in the recipe I changed. It called for strawberry jam- I used fresh mashed berries. And it called for Cool-Whip topping- I used fresh whipped cream instead.
So now- rush out and GET THE MAGAZINE!


parTea lady said...

Your pictures are gorgeous and the cupcakes look delicious. I'll have to find my copy of the mag and give them a try.

Entertaining Women said...

The cupcakes look and sound marvelous. Thanks for stopping by my post. There are more shots of the painted chairs in some of my archived posts called "The Bungalow.". There are about five different entries. I want to say that they are in Part I. Also, more of my work can be seen in a post called, "If It Doesn't Move, Paint It!". Hope that you'll check them out. I painted the chairs for my daughter some years ago. She continues to enjoy using them. Come visit any time. Cherry Kay

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Yummy looking cupcakes! The banana bread also is calling my name!

Thank you for the sweet well-wishes last week!


SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

They do look wonderful! I'll have to see if I can find that magazine up here in the cold Midwest :)

Joyce said...

I will have to go and purchase one. I have Tea Time, and Victoria on hand at the moment for the March/April issues, but not Southern Lady! I can't keep up with them all. HA! They are all so fun to read and look at.
These cupcakes do look really tasty.
Thanks for pointing them out to us all!!! As IF I need a cupcake right now. HA!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh these look great! I'll have to pick up a copy.