Friday, July 17, 2009

New Serving Platters- WhooHoo!

There are advantages to owning your own catering business, like getting to buy things you love and telling the DH "Well I HAD to have them for catering" That was kinda the case this week. I found these great pieces at TJ Maxx of course on sale!! Fortunately for me the DH LOVES them all. And he even commented that we could use them for the daughter's weddings too, which I was planning all along. Isn't that funny?


Angela McRae said...

Lovely finds! That white handled platter is my favorite! And that last piece in blue? I have a long oval serving tray/dish that matches if you ever want to borrow it!

parTea lady said...

You found some really nice platters. I love the shape of those in the first picture and also the picture frame looking platters with the handles. They will be great for the weddings.

Prim Rose Hill said...

I love them! Especially the last one with the light pink trim! :)

Patty Gironda said...

WHOO-HOO!!! I love special finds from TJ Maxx and other fav places!

My latest find was beautiful footed juice glasses from Tuesday morning.

I had to travel to Atlanta to complete my set but that's half the fun!!