Thursday, July 16, 2009

Starting a New Eating Plan

Uuugh! It's time for me to get my head together and face the fact that I am FAT! I have 2 daughter's getting married and helping in planning (from the sidelines) for those wedding as well as catering them, running my own business, keeping up with a 3 year old grand daughter, or rather trying to keep up that is and running a house. I'm just out of breath! So I have made up my mind to get healthy for them and for me. So I've got to get back to healthy eating and yesterday was the beginning. It started with a lovely lunch and I know that I will love eating like this and will feel so much better when this weight is off.
Poached Tilapia over Basmati Rice with Watercress, Cilantro & Arugalu covered with fresh HOT salsa. It was really good.
Wish me luck!


parTea lady said...

You definitely are a busy lady. Congrats on the upcoming nuptials and are the two wedding dates close together?

Judging by that yummy looking tilapia plate, you should have no trouble eating healthy. I keep telling myself that I need to get back to my walking program, as well as eating healthier meals.

Hope you will share more of your low cal dishes.

Melanie said...

Good luck! I too have been thinking that I need to trim down lately. My strategy is portion control and more excercise!

Angela McRae said...

That looks terrific! No rice cakes for you!

Duchess of Tea said...

I just dropped by for a visit. I so enjoy your blog, full of interesting posts and lovely photos. I just had to sign up as a follower, I hope you will stop by cottage too and will join my followers. I wish both of your daughters good health, happiness and loads of wealth and darling don't worry about the weight, enjoy life.
Duchess xx