Friday, June 26, 2009

A New Tea Time Recipe Book

This is the sweetest little cookbook ever. My mother in law bought it at a British Shop in Atlanta. She couldn't make out the ingredients and thought that I could. It recipes for cakes & buns from British Counties. Some of the counties are Banbury, Bath, Belvoir Castle, Brighton, Hereford, Derbyshire, Kent, Wiltshire, York, etc, etc. But the most fun part is reading the ingredient lists. In this particular recipe it calls for "lard, strong flour & mixed spice"This one is for "1/2 pint tepid milk, mixed peel, caster sugar."
Each recipe has a lovely picture like this one.
This recipe calls for "walnut kernals, clear honey, and sultans".
There are other recipes that call for unfamiliar & some slightly familiar things- black treacle, desiccated coconut, 'bicarbonate' of soda, self 'raising' flour, sifted icing sugar, rind of lemon, a scant of this or that, a coffeespoon of this or that, Kentish cob-nuts, ground rice, wheatmeal flour, demerara sugar, shortcrust pastry, glace` cherries.
This is a cute & interesting book and a must read for Anglophiles & tea lovers!


parTea lady said...

That does look like a nice little book with interesting recipes and illustrations.

Steph said...

I have this one, too, and I love it! It's a treat just to read through it, as you've noted. If you try any of the recipes, I hope you blog about it!