Thursday, June 4, 2009

Small Graduation Catering

Mini Chicken Salad Croissants
Deli Roast Beef & Chicken
Hot N Spicy Meatballs & Teresa's Famous Baked Beans
Mouthwatering SHRIMP!
Simple Tablescape
This catering was for our best clients ever. Their son graduated from McIntosh High School in Peachtree City, GA. A great family with three extremely polite, well mannered and beautiful children. Thanks Sarah & Dave!


Angela McRae said...

I soooooo do not need to visit your blog on days I haven't had time for lunch. I could nibble my way through the computer screen to get at those chicken salad croissants!

Southern Touch Catering said...

And they ARE that good- not to brag or anything, LOL!!!

parTea lady said...

Wow, where would I start. The food all looks so good, my plate would be loaded with some of everything.

Hootie said...

Mmm, Mmm, Mmm...

...nuff said! :)

Joyce said...

Oh I WISH you all lived by me...or vice versa. HA! I would SO hire you all because I think we have a WEDDING coming up sometime this year!!!!
My daughter just got engaged today....ummm....on her FIRST day back from Africa. Crazy!!!
The boyfriend.....I mean FIANCE didn't waste any time. HA!

Anyhow this food looks amazing!!!

Prim Rose Hill said...

I am starving! Please visit my blog to receive your award!