Tuesday, June 2, 2009


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The Little Princess's Chair

second pair of pink flip flops
"The" Pink Bedroom

My old Johnson Brothers tea cup (I have a service for 6)
This pitcher is one of 2- isn't it lovely.
Lots of pink- Left over stuff on the table from Mother's Day- It just looked so pretty waiting to be put away that I left it as is.
Catered events

Pink Wedding Punch & gorgeous hydrangeas


parTea lady said...

Wow, your pink photos are beautiful and what a variety. The floral arrangements and your catering set ups are gorgeous. And how cute are the pink flip flops - I want some.

That is such a pretty cup and saucer. Is it the Old British Castles pattern, or another?

Steph said...

It is all beautiful! I especially love the pink flip flops!

Southern Touch Catering said...

Thanks- the pink tea cup is actually the Historic America Collection- really old. They were a Christmas gift from the DH one year. I'll blog the story sometime- too funny!

Hootie said...

I shouldn't have looked so close to dinner time! It's all so pretty too! The flowers in the first picture look very peaceful. I love the little chair with the ribbon seat. It's precious!

Gotta go get a snack now...:)

Angela McRae said...

Oh my goodness, I do love your pink stuff, Teresa! What a great variety, too! The "princess" has adorable furnishings, I see -- and she certainly deserves them!!!

comfrey cottages said...

beautiful pinks! thank you for sharing all your lovely pics. yum does that punch look good and the hydrangea really sets it off! thanks for visiting my blog! hugs :)

0s0-Pa said...

Looks like it was fun! Very nicely decorated might I add.
-Jack @ Utah Business Catering