Monday, October 5, 2009


The wedding begins. Tables are ready
and smelling of Rosemary
The bride awaits the grooms entrance outside
She sees his approach and smiles- (but, he can't see her)
Last minute preparations
The bouquets are ready
The sisters- Summer, Melanie & KristenThe brides maids
The BFF's
The first dance as husband and wife.
A beautiful sunset on a beautiful night.
More to come later. Thanks for visiting.


parTea lady said...

Teresa, everyone looked great. The dresses were so pretty and the bouquets were perfect with them. Looks like the weather was delightful and your outdoor setting was lovely.

Those jars with floating candles looked terrific at twilight. It must have been a treat to smell the scent of rosemary carried on the breeze.

Looking forward to seeing more.

Denise @ Uniquely Tea said...

Congratulations, Teresa! My son's wedding was "autumnal" as well. Bridesmaid dresses were almost the exact same color! I'll have pictures up at some point. Ours was an evening wedding, as well. Please give my best wishes to your daughter and new son-in-love! x

Home At Last! said...

Everything looks so pretty, Teresa! Blessings to the whole family and new in-laws!

Angela McRae said...

You definitely have some beautiful girls, and both the new brides had gorgeous weddings. I really enjoyed seeing the pretty gowns, bridesmaid dresses and decorations! (And I'm so glad you survived both events!)

Steph said...

Well, you did a fine, fine, fine job! It's all so lovely. Congratulations to you and the newlyweds.