Sunday, November 2, 2008


Do you love the Autumn? I do. I love the crisp chill in the air, I love driving in downtown Newnan on the square late at night when hardly any cars are out as the wind blows the leaves around the streets, I love the colors of the pumpkins, eggplants and the squashes. I love decorating our home with the warm colors and planning for our Thanksgiving family dinner. But, most of all I love the smells of Autumn. Rich hearty pumpkin & squash soups as they cook and knowing they will soon warm my soul. Thick meaty chili in the crock as it scents the entire house until your mouth waters and the temptation to sneak a taste overcomes you. The smell of turkey and pumpkin pies as they waft through the air cooking on Thanksgiving morning. I love sipping hot steaming cups of tea while wrapped in a blanket sitting on the porch early in the morning as the mist is just rising over the lake and the dew clings and glistens on spider webs as the smell of the wet leaves and sweet smell of hay just touch your notrils and the glory of God is so apparent that every bone in you shivers in amazement and silent worship.

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