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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Birthdays & Cakes

Today is my Honey's birthday. Not a mile marker one (that came a few years back), but just another day to him. We're not typically a big hoopla birthday kind of family but we enjoy the girls coming home for birthdays & we usually just go out for dinner somewhere. My biggest problem on birthdays is trying to decide what cake to bake or even to bake one at all. I always feel guilty though if I buy a cake. Somehow that makes me feel as though they have been cheated in someway. I will admit though that a few times a purchased cake would have been a better choice. I have managed to burn, under cook, and once, many years ago, even had a recipe that called for a "bit" of salt and somehow I managed to give it a "bit too much". But all in all I truly enjoy baking birthday cakes. Now my Honey, loves chocolate cake with chocolate icing, but I would much rather have a carrot cake, coconut cake or any kind of pound cake. I know each time that I make a cake for him, that he will have a piece or two and then that whole cake just sits there taunting me and just waiting to be eaten. I eventually will inevitably be the one who eats it and I'm not that fond of chocolate cake but I will not throw it out! Does this kind of stuff happen to you? It is like that cake is just calling and coaxing and saying here I am, you took time to make me and no one else is going to eat me, so you'd better make a cup of tea and sit right down and have a bite right now. And so I do.


Melanie said...

Yes. I love to bake, but being just a two person household, I usually end up eating most of my bakings. I try to counteract this by making something my husband REALLY likes so that he'll help me eat it. Could it still be a birthday and you make some other dessert? Yesterday, I made my husband a pumpkin pie for his birthday, which he loves. Or you could always have more people over to celebrate!

Teresa of Southern Touch Catering said...

Thanks Melanie for the suggestions. They don't work. It had to be chocolate and the girls don't eat it and so there it sits........