Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween and a 2 year old "BAMA" Cheerleader

Last night was Halloween and my 2 year old grandaughter's first Halloween outing. Although she participated last year as we gave out candy at our home (she was a butterfly fairy princess running all over hitting everyone on the head with her wand) but, she did not get to go out. This year she did. She went as a BAMA cheerleader, and isn't she adorable? We don't have anyone in our household that has attended Alabama, but her mom's guyfriend did and he has taught her how to say "Roll Tide" really well. I rushed to make an outfit for her & her mom yesterday afternoon (with no pattern) and they actually turned out quite cute. Her mom picked her up from my home Friday afternoon (where she generally stays each day while mom is at work) and took her into downtown Newnan to "trick or treat" on the square. She had a great time. Afterwards they came here and we all went out together. What's better than making memories with those you love? What Halloween stories do you have to tell?

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pinkroses said...

My son is a freshman at the University of Alabama, so I support your grandaughters choice in costumes...ROLL TIDE!