Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well it's finally here. Whether you vote Republican or Democrat please do not pass up the chance to voice your choice. It may not be long before this country turns the tables and we are no longer afforded this opportunity. And yes it is that, an opportunity, a privilege not a right. We as Americans have been given such freedoms in this Great Country of ours and so many of us have no idea of how vast they really are. But if we choose not to get out and vote and study the issues to make informed decision, these freedoms will surely be taken from us. We are not granted God given rights to vote, but a declaration of freedoms that our for fathers established, that if not enforced will be taken away. Please pray over your choices and vote.
GOD BLESS AMERICA we are in need in deed.

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Melanie said...

Hi Teresa - just wanted to drop by your blog and say thanks for leaving a note on mine! I saw a few pictures of your catering - they're beautiful!

Oh, and to make this comment relevant to the post: I voted.