Tuesday, November 11, 2008


(The picture was my Father-in-law a Veteran waving from the balcony of ourr home on the 4th of July, 2008- just 2 weeks before he died- Thank you Dad.)
I am and always have been very patriotic. But the older & wiser I get, the more and more it means to me. We sometimes have a tendancy to just take for granted our wonderful freedoms in this great country of ours and forget those who gave everything so that we could live life as we do. We have been given so much by so many and more often take without thanking. Most of our younger generation have no idea what Veteran's Day is even about. The youth don't know what they have been given by the sacrifices of our Veteran's! But today with all that is in me I THANK you all, the past, present and future Veterans of this United States of America. To each & everyone of you, I wave my flag proudly, shed a tear in rememberance for you, I pray for you and thank our Mighty and Ever Loving God for your strength, endurance and gift of freedom to us. So........If you speak English- thank a veteran...If you can walk down the street each day and not worry about a bombing- thank a veteran...If you can freely vote your choice- thank a veteran...If you can pray to the God of your choosing- thank a veteran...If you can speak your mind- thank a veteran...If you can earn a paycheck- thank a veteran, and so much more- thank a veteran! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Joyce said...

Oh that is sad about your Daddy.
I'm sorry for your loss. Is your Mama still alive then? You mentioned her in an earlier article.

Anyhow......I'm with you sister.
I'm all about the Vets.
We as American's have forgotten what sacrifices were made for us.

We in this family have always been patriotic as well. :~)
Hang in there..we must help people to understand and remember!
See ya!