Monday, January 11, 2010

"All About Food- Culinary Monday"

Have you ever ran across a culinary term you weren't familiar with? I know I certainly have. So I have decided to dedicate Monday's to helping with this. I'll be posting new words each week in hopes of helping someone. I also hope you will challenge me by providing words that you're not familiar with. I'll start today with two that I had a hard time with in years past.

Mezzaluna (mehz-zuh-LOO-nuh)
A crescent shaped steel chopping blade with a vertical wooden handle at each end. It's used to chop or mince food by rocking side to side on a cutting board. (These things are great by the way!)
Meyer Lemon-
A relatively new member to the lemon family. Imported in 1908 by F.N. Meyer from China. It is believed to be a cross between an orange and a lemon. It has a smoother and rounder surface than a typical lemon. Their color ranges from a deep yellow to almost yellow orange. It consists of a much sweeter and less acidic taste than other lemons and they are available from October until May. Choose heavy fruit for the size and keep refrigerated in plastic. (I find they make the best lemonade as well as flavoring for cakes or pies. I prefer to use a standard lemon for fish or salad dressings or anything that is more on the pungent or savory side.)

So send in those words. I look forward to the challenge!

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parTea lady said...

Great post idea. I've seen several restaurants called Mezzaluna and didn't know what it meant. Those Meyer lemons sound good - I'll have to try them. Thanks.