Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Well, leftover veggies were flowing in my refrigerator yesterday so vegetable beef soup was the answer of the day. It's so simple and so good, plus having all the vegetables ready and available made it cheap too! Yum Hot & steaming
Good piece of cornbread & yea for the sunshine!
And a nice cuppa to finish it off!
All it takes is:
-1- lb of ground chuck or beef or whatever
-leftover vegetables (carrots, green beans, corn, butter beans, potatoes or whatever)
-1-large carton of beef broth
-2- cans of stewed tomatoes
- salt & pepper to taste
Add a pan of cornbread & there you have it.
Or you can change the beef to chicken & broth to chicken broth or use no meat, easy!
Simple & delicious!
PS. I did have to go out though- out of dog food, ugh!


parTea lady said...

That soup looks really good. I like recipes that are easy to prepare and economical. Thanks.

Angela McRae said...

I *love* recipes that include "whatever" as an ingredient because that makes it so flexible. Hope you enjoy that soup during the snow we ARE going to get tomorrow! Stay warm!!!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Thanks for your sweet visit - Well my "gumbo" ended up being one of those "sorta gumbos" because I left work late. I ended up cooking rice in a little veg. oil and chicken broth with some diced tomatoes. I grilled some chicken tenders and cut them up and steamed my shrimp with some cajon spices. Then I chopped up some onion and green peppers and cooked them in the shrimp stock. Added a bit more spices and put this all together -- little bit of hot sauce and called it supper! I would have added some okra, but my husband doesn't like it. Anyway, It came out pretty well, whatever it was.